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Before Knowing about the benefits of lifeon products let us know about how Human body works. Human beings are one of the wonderful creation of this nature. Our body is made up of various organs like stomach,liver, kindey, heart, brain etc.Every organs has its own function. All these organs are made up of cells. CELLS ARE THE SMALLEST FUNCTIONAL UNIT OF HUMAN BODY. These cells require proteins,carbohydrates,lipids,vitamins and oxygen, H2O etc to function properly. All these proteins, carbohydrates etc are supplied by the blood stream after absorbing it from the food we take and air we breathe.When these molecules or improper supply of these molecules to the cells will cause disorders in the body. Proteins are important for our body; proteins have many important functions in our body. Basically they give structure to our bones, hair, skin and the cell itself.

-They act as Hormones in our body, hormones are important for every action in our body. -proteins acts as enzymes, these enzymes are important for the chemical reactions like digestion of the food. In brief - Proteins are Life... Activity of Xeronine and other Contents XERONINE: When we take lifeon, Proxeronine goes through our digestive system, get absorbed in the large Intestine, stored in the Liver then it combines with Proxeroninase and converted into Xeronine and distributed to all the organs. This XERONINE is very important for the proper functioning of many of the proteins in our body. Some of the important functions of XERONINE ARE

LIKE THIS: XERONINE combines with proteins and helps in maintaining the structure and rigidity of the proteins. XERONINE assist in enlargement of the pores on the cell membrane thereby allows large chain of amino acids and nutrients into the cell. XERONINE activates body enzymes and regulates the secretion. XERONINE converts brain proteins into active receptors sites for endorphin. XERONINE helps in proper opening and closing of the pores on the cell membrane. "As a result Weak cells or abnormal cells function properly"

Life On

LIFEON Controls obesity.
LIFEON Is an Vasodilator.
LIFEON Is an Rejuvenator.
LIFEON Is an Revitalize.
LIFEON Is an Energy Booster LIFEON Increases Appetite.
LIFEON Repairs damaged cells.
LIFEON Controls the Diabetes.
LIFEON Repairs Blood Vessels.
LIFEON Helps in Vigor & Vitality.
LIFEON Acts on Endocrine gland.
LIFEON Reduces the Depression.
LIFEON Improves bowel movement.
LIFEON Balance the Over Weight.
LIFEON Helps in Memory & Strength.
LIFEON Helps in Bronchitis & Sinusitis.
LIFEON Reduces the Heart Diseases.
LIFEON Controls the Blood pressure.
LIFEON Activates the Pancreatic cells.
LIFEON Eliminates worms in the stomach.
LIFEON Reduce the cancer cells growth.
LIFEON Helps in balanced secretion of all Hormones.
LIFEON Transports Nutrients to inside and outside the cells..
LIFEON Is an Anti-oxidant, Antibiotic, Antifungal, Antihistamine.

Other main contents and its action

Scopolitin: Regulate sleep, human, temperature, blood pressure and acts as Anti Histimine.
Anthroquinone: AntibacterialactionagainstEcoil, staph, Aureus and salmonella.
Damnacanthal: Inhibit the growth of pre-cancerous cells.
Tarpene: cell rejuvenation and toxic exchange.
Phytonutrients and Selenium: Anti oxidant protects against free radicals.
Rich in Amino Acids: Building blocks of proteins.
Rich in soluble & insoluble fiber: Cleans blood, decreases cholesterol.
Rich in essential Fatty Acids: Building blocks of Fats & Oil, maintaining Healthy Skin, Nerve cells, heart tissues, Blood Vessels and balance the mood.
Apart from these lifeon contains many other nutrients like vitamin A, Vitamin B-6, B-12, Vitamin C & E etc.,in large quantities. It also contains calcium, zine etc. All these above nutraceticals in lifeon make it "COMPLETE FOOD SUPPLEMENT"


 Cancer : 67%
 Heart Disease : 80%
 Stroke : 58%
 Low Energy : 91%
 Body Muscles : 71%
 Obesity : 72%
 High Blood Pressure : 87%
 Smoking : 58%
 Artrites : 80%
 Pain : 87%
 Depression : 88%
 Alergy : 85%
 Sleep : 72%
 Stress : 71%
 Kidney : 66%
 Digestion : 89%
 Sex : 88%
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