Franchisee Commission : 5% on His Turnover

This is a great opportunity for you to take Franchisee. To the people of your State/District ,. You can take up an exclusive franchisee for our entire range of wellness products for your State/District and share the joy of a healthy and happy life.

Benefits Of Franchisee

1.High Success Rate.
2.Recongnized Brand.
3.Your Not Alone.
4.Huge Profits.
5. Easy in Financing, Buying , Trading, & Advertising

Franchise Amount : 5000Bv´s.
Commission : 3% On His Turn Over*
Franchise Amount : 10,000.Bv´s
Commission : 5% On His Turn Over*

1. All Franchisee Gets Unlimited Commission, All You Need Is To Buy Products Directly From The Company.
2. You Can Sell Products To Your Independent Distributors In District or State.
3. Franchisor Should Full Fill His Target Every 3 Months Of Graze Period ***