Quantity :800ml
BV's :600 BV's
MRP :₹ 1500
Discount Price :₹ 1500

200+ Nutraceuticals

Immunity Booster

Boost Metabolism

Super Antioxidant

Fight Against Inflammation


LIFEON Controls obesity.

LIFEON Is an Vasodilator.

LIFEON Is an Rejuvenator.

LIFEON Is an Revitalize.

LIFEON Is an Energy Booster.

LIFEON Increases Appetite.

LIFEON Repairs damaged cells.

LIFEON Controls the Diabetes.

LIFEON Repairs Blood Vessels.

LIFEON Helps in Vigor &Vitality.

LIFEON Acts on Endocrine gland.

LIFEON Reduces the Depression.

LIFEON Improves bowel movement.

LIFEON Balance the Over Weight.

LIFEON Helps in Memory &Strength.

 LIFEON Helps in Bronchitis &Sinusitis.

 LIFEON Reduces the Heart Diseases.

LIFEON Controls the Blood pressure.

LIFEON Activates the Pancreatic cells.

 LIFFON Eliminates worms in the stomach

LIFEON Reduce the cancer cells growth.

LIFEON Helps in balanced secretion of all Hormones.

LIFEON Transports Nutrients to inside and outside the cells...

LIFEON Is an Anti-oxidant, Antibiotic, Antifungal, Antihistamine.

DOSAGE: 15 ml to 3 0 ml morning and evening after mixed with half glass of water.



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