Age 60 years suffering from gastric problem science 2 years. After using sanjeevani my problem has been solved. Thanks to Parivar.

B. Rangaiah Guptha

Hair and Body Wash

I had a problem of body pains and acidity. I got good relief after 20 day. Thanks to Parivar.

B. Nagamani

Men Shakti Oil

I had a problem of body pains and acidity. I got good relief after 20 day. Thanks to Parivar.

Mohd Hussain

Alovera Shampoo

I had knee pain and elbow pain and over weight I came to about the Parivar noni so I started taking it after 15 days my weight was reduced to 4 kg. even my pains got reduced I used to walk every morning about 1km taking noni. Thanks to Parivar.

Jaya Kishan

Tulsi Drops

I was suffering from low bp science 18 months and my age was 34 I used allopathy medicine but continuity of low bp was their since from 1 month I found bp gets normalized thanks to Parivar.

B. Srinvas Chary

Parivar Vianon

I have started using this product last 10 days. I had found tremondous improvement in my body. I found my self more active and more engrytic I feel my self confortabale after drinking Sanjeevani noni. My loss of memory has been improved. Stress level come down. My weightstarted increasing and even my skin and hair as well as hair cells growing. Thanks to Parivar.

S. Pradeep Kumar

Instant Coffee

I am 51 years old I have started Sanjeevani noni science Nov 2015 with in one month period, my nails brittleness diapered and under eye circles all disappeared ID No: 140466. Thanks to Parivar.

T. Malleshwar Roa

Parivar Sanjeevini Noni

One day I had chest problem and I am not in a position to do work. One of the Parivar distributor given me Sanjeevani noni and I have taken noni with I 1 hour I got good relief and I feel better. Thanks to Parivar.

S. N. Vijay Lakshmi

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